About SleepSpa™

Relax and restore

To be really awake, first you need to be really asleep – a poor night’s sleep can leave you as tired in the morning as you were when you went to bed.

But with a SleepSpa™ bed, you can harness the recuperative power of quality sleep every night, and wake up every morning refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling like you’ve just walked out of a spa treatment.

SleepSpa™ beds from Kaymed will give you a more energizing, invigorating night’s sleep – to help you get the most out of your everyday life.  SleepSpa™ mattresses (in their various constructions/specifications) feature the very latest in pressure-reduction sleep technology.


Better sleep through better design

Body responsive materials

Reduction of pressures peaks that cause aches and pains

Even support distribution, more relaxation

Thermo-regulation, temperature in harmony with your body

SleepSpa™ mattresses use special Gels and Visco memory foam materials that are scientifically proven to respond to your unique body shape. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, SleepSpa™ material moves as you do, to contour to your shape and support your body evenly and comfortably. Every SleepSpa™ product uses special materials that are designed to contour your body shape and support your weight evenly. This process reduces the build up of uncomfortable “pressure peaks” which can cause aches and pains and even constrict healthy blood flow and muscle recuperation. SleepSpa™ mattresses adapt to the shape of your body, supporting you evenly. Heavier areas, like your shoulders and hips, sink in further, while lighter areas sink in less. Even support promotes better alignment, so your body can relax more fully and you can experience deeper sleep. SleepSpa™ mattresses employ thermo-regulating K3Gel™, Clima-Gel™ or our proprietary open cell Visco Memory Foam to improve breathability and airflow. These features help you maintain a natural even temperature as you sleep, which helps you to feel good and sleep deeply.

Choosing your SleepSpa™ sleep system

We know that comfort is as unique and individual as you are, so we have created three ranges of SleepSpa™ beds offering different comfort feels.

SleepSpa – the best bed company.

The SleepSpa team at Kaymed are delighted to announce our win in the 2017 National Bed Federation “Bed Manufacturer of the Year 2017”.

Testimony, we believe to pursuing innovation and quality in everything we do.

Thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged us to innovate, improve and succeed.



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To ensure the clarity on the issue of labour standards, there are a number of key policies that set out the requirements of those within the organisation and those whom we seek to do business with.


These include the following:


  • The Kaymed Business Ethics Policy sets out the high ethical standards which we demand from all colleagues in carrying out our day to day operations.


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Kaymed makes its policies available to all employees and suppliers and communicates about any relevant changes or updates that take place.




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K3Gel™ is a revolutionary therapeutic sleep system patented by Kaymed that provides superior comfort and disperses pressure through its unique three dimensional cell structure.

  • The unique network of K3Gel™ cubes, made from natural mineral oils, respond to your body movements in 3 dimensions – upwards, downwards & outwards – to embrace your shape for body contouring comfort.
  • Internal K3Gel™ cells create natural Airpockets which enhance air circulation, regulating your body temperature for deeper sleeping comfort.
  • K3Gel™ was designed by Kaymed and is made in Ireland.

K3Gel™ is for people who wake up uncomfortable or with pins and needles or those who tend to overheat on a traditional mattress. We describe the feeling of sleeping on a K3Gel™ mattress as cool, soothing and pleasant. K3Gel™ cubes – the closest feeling to a massage in your sleep.

View our informative K3Gel™ video on YouTube here


Clima-Gel™ uses iKool™ technology which combines memory foam with MicroSupport™ Gel beads for scientifically proven cooler, smarter and more comfortable sleep.

  • Clima-Gel™ is up to 12 times more breathable than regular memory foam
  • Clima-Gel™ provides up to twice the support of regular memory foam
  • Clima-Gel™ works in hot and cold bedroom temperatures.  Always on comfort

Clima-Gel™ is for people who enjoy the unique feeling of a high quality memory foam mattress but have concerns about over-heating. Clima-Gel™ provides the same sensation of contouring to the curves of your body but is more responsive to movement, making turning and getting into and out of bed easier.

Want to see how iKool™ works in more detail? View our video here.


The mattress spring system re-engineered by SleepSpa™. Dual-Coil™, featured in our Calypso and Tropicana models is a unique dual coil structure which provides the comfort you want and the support you need.

  • The outer coil provides comfort, while the inner coil supports your body.
  • Dual-Coil™ supports the hips and shoulders in healthy alignment and distributes weight evenly across your body.

SleepSpa™ Dual-Coil™ mattresses feature our high density visco memory foam which is open cell and breathable or our natural Latex cushioning which is breathable, highly resilient and body-responsive. Our Dual-Coil™ range blends the best of memory foam benefits – pressure relief and healthy body support – with the best of spring technology –great spring feeling and responsiveness. Dual-Coil™ will appeal to people who want the benefit of high performance visco memory foam or latex cushioning but want the sensation of a highly-adaptive and intuitive spring system. With our Dual-Coil™ design you don’t have to sacrifice either.